Is there another product other than Quicken To Track Checking Accounts

Ron Progres
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I used Quicken for decades. Suddenly we learn they now require an annual fee. For what we want, we don't need updates as long as the software continues to work properly. So where can we go to get the basics. Would it be compatible with the Quicken data file by chance?


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    I curious, would you go to a Ford dealership and ask for recommendations on which Chevy to buy?
    Figure on your post being deleted.

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    What version do you have?  You can keep using it manually without renewing.  Except the Starter Edition.   I  still using Quicken 2013.   

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    Everyone eventually needs software updates in order to run software on new operating systems and computers. Everyone. And what insures that there are modern, updated versions of software to run when you need them is people paying for the continued development of the software. 

    I'm sure there must be other software if all you need is simple tracking of a checking account, but as a longtime Quicken user, I'm not familiar with such options. It's unlikely any such alternative program will be able to use your Quicken data file, but you might be able to export your account transactions in a format that some other program can read. 
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    What version do you have .... Starter, Deluxe, etc ..... Help --> About Quicken
    As you probably know, there are several "simple" alternatives out there - including a web based version from Quicken.
    And NO - they will probably NOT be able to read/import any Quicken data files.

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  • DannyB52
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    Hey Ron, "After your Quicken Membership expires, you will no longer receive updates to the Quicken application. However, you may continue to use the version of Quicken you had at the time your Membership expired to open your data files and, for Quicken Deluxe and above, continue to use Quicken in a manual mode." Frist thing that popped up when I did a Google search on your question.

    Just curious, but are you still using the original version of Quicken that you first purchased it or have you purchased newer versions as the years have passed?

    There are indeed a number of alternatives to Quicken but you will have to pay for them also and most have gone to some form of a subscription business model. Some may have a stripped down free version or with ads perhaps. There are a couple of spread sheet based programs but those will cost you also, one way or another.

    If you have the expertise or are willing to learn the ropes, you could always set up a spreadsheet to track you finances that won't cost you anything (except the hours needed to learn how to set up a spread sheet) if you have a Google account and use Google Sheets.

    Good luck.
    B) Danny
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