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My Net Worth report has a different cash balance in my checking account than the actual balance. It is lower by $3241. Any suggestions on what would be causing this?


  • Jim_Harman
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    Make sure the ending date for the Net Worth report is today and also that you are looking at the current (not ending) balance of the checking account.
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    What's the report's End Date? Today? Other?
    Does the account register's Balance include future dated transactions?
    Are you comparing the report's balance with the register's Balance as of the same date?
  • davidldahlin
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    I have the same issue. Started with Quicken update this morning. Bank balance in register is different than bank balance in a net worth report. I have changed all dates - still a problem. Appreciate any help.
  • amdaniel
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    Support said it was a known issue they are working on. I fixed it by closing out the old checking account and excluding it from the net worth report.
  • John623
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    I am seeing the same issue. My net worth report is picking up a huge negative balance on my checking account. The account list on the left side and in the actual account show the correct balance. But for some reason in the net worth report, this one account has a huge negative balance.

    I ran the register report and the balance is correct. But the total inflows and total outflows results in a large negative NET TOTAL which is being used in the net worth report.
  • Experiencing a similar problem where Net Worth Report constantly overstating the correct checking account balance. I am up-to-date with all releases.
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    To those reporting this problem since Mar. 4:

    Please go to Help > About Quicken and let us know what version you are running now.

    When did you first see this problem? Was it before or after Mar. 4, when R39.17 was first released?

    Previous to the current version, did you ever have R39.17 or R39.21 installed?

    Have you ever used the Paycheck Wizard to enter the split transfers in your paycheck?

    Does the problem also affect the Account Balances Report?

    If your answers are After Mar. 4, Yes ran R39.17 or R39.21, Yes have used Paycheck Wizard, and Yes affects Account Balances report, you have probably encountered the problem discussed here:

    If this is your problem, you should update to R39.23 or newer, which fixes this problem going forward. Then you need to restore a backup from before you installed R39.17. This would be about March 4. See this Announcement

    You will have to re-enter any transactions you entered since then.

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