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Using Quicken Mac version 6.5.3
( Build 605.42287.100 )
Mac OS 12.1
Everything is working correctly
Except on brokerage portfolio
«  Price and holding as «  is locked on 2/19/2022
Has anybody faced this kind of problem.
If yes what action to do to unlock my Quicken Brokerage and write the good date


  • jacobs
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    Sorry, I'm not understanding exactly what is locked. Are you trying to enter a transaction? View your portfolio as of another date? Please describe what account or account group you have clicked on the left sidebar, and where you are clicking to change the date.
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  • Abarnoin
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    Thank you for your quickly reply .
    What I want is to modify the value of one registred security on a given date, for example today, in the price history.
    I can do it correctly but when I would like to modify the date to see the portfolio on another date later in the year such as 12/31/2022,
    I can’t
    To do that I selected in the paragraph Investing / Brokerage by clicking on the name of concerned security . I was able to edit the security price history and modify the value of the security on today's date
    But after returning to the portfolio screen I wanted to save the date of 12/31/2022 in :
    “Price and holding as of” ( on the right side top on the screen )
    " 1 y " on the left side of the screen
    so that my portfolio is always up to date when the account is opened, regardless of the date of the last entry
    I could't change the date on the portfolio screen to a date later than today's date
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    @Abarnoin Ah, thank you for the more detailed explanation! There are so many places to enter dates that I was thinking you were referring to something different.

    The entry of dates in various places in investments screens is completely independent. So as you have seen, editing a security and going to the Price History screen, you can enter a price for any date. This has no bearing on the Portfolio date. That is, if you open the Portfolio today, on 2/19, and you click on a security, then Edit Security, then Price History, you can enter a price for, say, 1/31 and save it, and it won't affect the Portfolio date.

    You then said you wanted to set the Price and Holding as of date to 12/31/22. I find I am able to do this. If I do it on the keyboard, typing 12/31/2022, the graph changes to show the new ending date. Alternatively, if I click the little calendar icon to the right of the date field, I can advance to December and click on 12/31/22, and the graph also changes that way. And you're saying you are unable to select a date in the future? I've not seen this, and I can't reproduce it. Have you tried using the calendar? 

    But… why are you trying to set a future date? the Price and Holdings as of date will always be set to today's date when you launch Quicken or switch investment accounts. You said you wanted a future date there "so that my portfolio is always up to date when the account is opened, regardless of the date of the last entry" — and I'm saying it does that automatically. If you come back in two weeks, when you launch Quicken, the As Of date will be that day, 3/5/22.

    There is no way to "lock the "As of" date in the Portfolio. It's intended to let you take a quick hop into the past to see your holdings, as you might want to do if reconciling last month/quarter/year with a brokerage statement. But it will reset to today's date as soon as you click on any other account or account group in the sidebar, or when you re-launch Quicken. 

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  • Abarnoin
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    Hi Jacobs
    Well received your long and detailed explanations.
    Now I understood well what I could do and ……not do.
    Thank you very much again
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