1099R federal withholding

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Why is there no separate line item for spouse federal withholding in 1099R in the tax line item drop down? There is a separate one for spouse 1099R for income.


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    Hi @CSlouis

    I can't answer your question on "why" there isn't a separate line item for spouse withholdings.

    But on a joint tax return it actually doesn't matter who made the tax payment, so my suggestion would be to use the standard "Tax:Fed" category (or another one if you want to setup a customized category) and if you want to track the distinction in Quicken, you can use the "Tag" function (i.e. setup a "Spouse" category) to track spouse's payments in Quicken.

    Let me know if you have any followups.


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  • CSlouis
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    I can track the payments and income just fine. What I can't do is use the tax planning feature. It is ok IF you file married filing jointly. If you file Married filing separately, the planner is an unusable feature. I'm pretty sure those line items that show spouse in Quicken don't exist in the wild either. They are tracking features that Quicken chose to include. Wondering why they don't do the same for pensions and IRAs. They do for SS and RR income, but they are listed under the 1040 form instead of 1099 R. Thank you for trying to help. It is appreciated, even if it didn't solve the problem.
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    Thinking about the filing status of Married filing separately it seems to me that you have basically said that the data in this data file is for one person, and therefore don't need a second tax line.

    For instance, in the Tax Planner setting, it to "Married filing separately" will get you a different tax table but will also disable all the spouse entries.

    It is a general rule of one data file per tax entity.  If you are filing separately, you are talking about two different tax entities and as such there should be two data files.
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    We do see the following line items for spouse federal withholding in 1099R in the tax line item drop down:

    1099-R:Pension federal tax withheld, spouse
    1099-R:IRA federal tax withheld, spouse
    1099-R:SIMPLE federal tax withheld, spouse

    I gather your complaint is really more about not be able to plan for filing both spouses separately in the same Quicken file.  If so, I suggest you post an Idea proposing the functionality be added to Quicken.
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