Transfer of shares between Schwab accounts not downloaded properly. Quicken script error?

Tom Young
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I transferred shares of the Schwab Value Advantage money fund, (a "security" in my Quicken Schwab Accounts), between Schwab accounts and the subsequent downloads into Quicken did not reflect this properly. 
Downloaded transaction in "from" Account:
Downloaded transaction in "to" Account:
How Schwab, at their site, reported transaction in "from" account:
and in "to" account:
Perhaps this error is due to Quicken's decision (an incorrect decision in my opinion) to treat the Schwab Value Advantage fund as "cash" in Quicken?
I note that Schwab internally is still counting shares ("Quantity") and quote ("Price").


  • dash9gp9
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    Same here. Have several stocks that do not match the correct shares. Ignore or placeholder? March 13, 2022.
  • Tom Young
    Tom Young SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    In my case I simply deleted the downloaded transactions and used the "Shares Transferred Between Accounts" action in Quicken.  For whatever reason - and this has to be a Quicken error - the cost basis of many lots was off by a small fraction of a percent, but as the total basis difference was only $.13 I shrugged it off.
    Your statement "several stocks that do not match the correct shares" isn't entirely clear, but it sounds like you weren't dealing with only the one Schwab Value Advantage money market fund that I posted about, but something else entirely. 
    Was the transfer in question a transfer between account at Schwab, or a transfer of shares from a different financial institution (FI) into Schwab?  Some FIs don't t transfer fractional shares and that might account for some difference.
    If the transfer was between Schwab accounts, did you first enter the transfer manually using the Shares Transferred Between Accounts action, and the downloaded transactions disagree, hence your reference to placeholders? 
    I'm not entirely sure what the problem is or where the error might lie. 
    The use of shareholders is simply "plug" accounting, i.e., "there's a difference here and I won't/can't find it so I'll balance things by forcing a number in here that makes things balance."  The decision to use placeholders is one of personal preference based on your own tolerances of precision and the materiality of the "miss."
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