Why would my accts in Quicken not register all the transactions and show incorrect balances?

:s My bank accounts in Quicken are setup for direct connection and still not capturing all the transactions, so my balances are off. The intent of my use with this tool is to track my daily spending and I can't when it's not showing the correct balances, off by a couple of days with my transactions. I've setup my budget but it doesn't help when I have to wait 2-3 days for the system to catch up on transactions. Has anyone found a way to fix this issue?


  • NotACPA
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    With Direct Connect, the financial institution is SOLELY responsible for the content of the download.
    Q merely queries the FI, asking "what have you got for me?" and the FI responds.
    BUT note that most FI's don't post transactions until the wee hours of the morning ... so if you download at, say 10pm, you're not going to get anything until the next night.
    Also note that the banks, brokerages and stock exchanges were closed on 2/21/22 for President's Day.

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    The FIs aren't supposed to download Pending transactions, so while you might see a transaction on their website, it may not be finalized yet.
    You don't say which FI, but could they be including Pending transactions in the balance they download before they should?

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