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    So what do you do then when you find issues in your data file?
    I have several transactions that were fine and are not now. These appear to be all transfers from one account to another.

    They we’re fine and reconciled and now they show as a transfer in one account and in the other end of the transfer they are either not there at all or they show as an interest deposit transaction. The date of the transaction has change from (for example on one) 01/27/2022 to 04/10/2021 which is before the opening date of the given account.
    I can even view all 20,000 transactions in my Quicken file and clearly see 99% of transfer appear in matching pairs with a negative dollar value before a matching transaction with a positive value…except for a handful that were fine and now no longer have a matching transaction, or the matching one has moved about 18 months into the past.
    This is Quicken Mac of course and latest version on macOS 12.1.
    Ideas? (I’ve move to a month old backup and thing look OK till I do a download and then everything breaks again and don’t have older backups unless NO way to fix as it will be a disaster to get back in sync with all the missing transactions if I go back more than what can download.)
  • Hi @JayBugs,

    Thank you for contacting the Community, I am sorry that this issue is occurring, I understand how that could be frustrating. 

    In order to further assist you, I require more information. What version of Quicken are you running? You can see this by going to Quicken>About Quicken.  Also, which Financial Institution(s) are these transfer errors occurring with? What is the connection method set up with said Financial Institution(s)? 

    I look forward to hearing your response. 
    Quicken Jasmine

    -Quicken Jasmine
  • JayBugs
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    This is in Version 6.5.3 (Build 605.42687.100) on macOS 12.2.1.
    The errors are first appearing in accounts downloaded from USAA (Direct Connect) and Capital One (Quicken Connect), but after trying to correct those transactions I see broken transactions then appear in AmEx (Direct Connect) and SunTrust (now Truist, Quicken Connect) accounts as well.

    I discovered the broken transfer transactions after working with Quicken support (ticket 9201458 and a later ticket for which I was not given a number) on a Schwab download issue (still not resolved) in which for one Schwab user ID any Reinvested Dividend transactions after the December changes would download as two separate Dividend Income and Buy transactions, but the number of shares would show as zero and the Security name would be blank.

    Is there any way to determine all broken transfer transactions in a Quicken file? Is there anything like the Windows Validate or Super Validate to check the file, find the broken transfers, and reconnect them? (BTW, by transfers I mean a transaction with a category of something like "Transfer:[Jay USAA Checking-1234]" that has a matching "Transfer:[Jay CapOne Savings-4321]".)

    With support we've already done the whole disconnecting accounts and reconnect as well as resetting the cloud account in Preferences.

    Next steps?
  • JayBugs
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    And just FYI, this sounds like the issue in as these are transaction that were reconciled weeks or months ago in many cases and have their dates changed to a year or more ago. (Clearly without me changing their dates...)

    Same as those customers, all was great before 6.5.x.
  • Hi @JayBugs,

    Thank you for your thorough response, I truly appreciate the information as it helps immensely in working towards a resolution. 

    Due to the fact that this error is occurring with transfers across multiple Financial Institutions and with different connection methods, the next thing that I would suggest is restoring from a backup that was created before these errors began. 

    You can restore from a backup by: 
    1. In Quicken, select File > Restore from Backup...
    2. Browse your computer or external media to find the backup file you want to restore. The Quicken backup file has the extension .quicken2017backup or .quickenbackup.
    3. Select the file to restore.
    4. Click Choose.
      I have also included a link below that goes more into detail in regards to saving and restoring from backups:

      Please let me know how this works for you, I look forward to hearing your response. 
      Quicken Jasmine
      -Quicken Jasmine
    5. JayBugs
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      There are a few issues here. First, how do I know if the backup is old enough? I already restored a backup from 27-Jan-2022 and it did not show the issue where I had specifically seen broken transactions in my current Quicken file until I had reconnected all the online accounts and a first download happened during the reconnection of accounts. At that point the broken transactions appears and dates on existing long reconciled transactions changed to 2020.

      Second, how can I check a file for broken transfers? This file has 20,000+ transactions in it so clearly a manual method isn’t helpful.
    6. Hi @JayBugs,

      Thank you for your thorough response. I have sent you a private message in hopes to gain some more information so I can further assist you towards a resolution. 

      I look forward to hearing back from you. 
      Quicken Jasmine

      -Quicken Jasmine
    7. Hello @JayBugs,

      Next, what I suggest you try is to export and import the data from your current data file into a new data file to see if the same issue occurs in the new file after the data successfully imports. Doing this copies your data into a new file without affecting your original file. Should this not work, then you can always switch back to the original file after.

      If you would like to try this, please, follow the steps below.
      1. Navigate to File
      2. Export
      3. Quicken Transfer File (QXF)...
      4. Save the exported file somewhere you can easily locate it (i.e.: DeskTop)
      5. Navigate back to File
      6. New...
      7. Start from Scratch
      8. Follow the prompts until it takes you to the new and empty data file
      9. Close the Add Checking Account pop-up
      10. Navigate back to File
      11. Import
      12. Quicken Windows File (QDF, QXF)... (even if you are on Mac)
      13. Select the .QXF file you previously exported
      14. Click Ok once you receive the message saying that the import was successful
      Once that is done, you should see that all your banking accounts (Checking, savings, money markets, credit cards, etc) were added to this new data file.

      Please note
       that you will need to re-establish online connections in the new file for any accounts you have set up for automatic downloads. 

      There are also a few features that will not be imported to the new file as these features do not export nor import. Please, refer to this support article under the section titled "More about QXF files" for more detailed information regarding what QXF files do and/or do not export/import.

      If this resolves the issue for you, then you can rename and move forward using this new file. Below are steps to rename the new file from the name Quicken will auto-assign to it.
      1. Navigate to File
      2. Rename
      If you need to switch back to your original file, please follow the steps below.
      1. Navigate to File
      2. Open Recent
      3. Select the original data file name
      4. Click Open
      Please let me know how this goes, I look forward to hearing your response. 
      Quicken Jasmine

      -Quicken Jasmine
    8. JayBugs
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      As an update, moving to a backup from January and turning off (and leaving off) the Quicken Cloud sync has allowed me to get back to a working state. As noted in some of the many other threads on this issue with Quicken Cloud sync since 6.5.x, I'm not going to do an export and reimport due to all the issues that will cause (even if it goes perfectly) with investments and transfer linking among other things that don't get handled in a export/import cycle.

      Once I see people seeming to avoid this issue in a Quicken Mac 6.7 or later release then I'll try turning Quicken Cloud sync back on...but for now using Quicken Mobile isn't worth having random transactions show up and one side of transfers disappear randomly.
    9. Quicken Jasmine
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      Hello @JayBugs,

      Thank you for your thorough response. I am happy to hear that you were able to troubleshoot the error yourself and resolve it. 

      Thank you for your continued patience and support. 
      -Quicken Jasmine
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