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I just did a reconciliation of my primary bank account.

this is my first time using customer invoices.

When I go to print out the sales... all of the customer's invoices are listed as "c - CLEARED" even though they are marked "R - RECONCILED" in the register.

What am I doing wrong??


  • Frankx
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    Hi @DR.WOLF519,

    Just curious - what makes you think that you've done something wrong?  What were you expecting to see?  Having a "transaction" in "Cleared" status is a step towards a potential "Reconciled" status for an "Account". 


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  • DR.WOLF519
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    Thanks for the comment.

    I didn't ask the question correctly:

    "how do I reconcile the Customer Invoices??????"
  • Greg_the_Geek
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    I don't Reconcile my Customer Invoice account. I just leave the transactions Cleared when the invoices are paid. Why do you think you need to reconcile?
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  • Tom Young
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    "Reconciling" is a process to explain any differences between the balance in one of your Quicken Accounts to the balance in that account per some outside entity.  So we can reconcile our bank Accounts to bank statements, reconcile our credit card Accounts to credit card statements, and so forth.
    Your list of invoices issued is a record of your sales and there's no outside entity that has a corresponding list of your sales, so there's really nothing to reconcile to.  Even if you're using the accrual accounting method and have an Accounts Receivable Account on your balance sheet, there's still no "outside entity" that has a comparable account with a balance you can reconcile to.
  • UKR
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    You can't reconcile a Customer Invoices account or a Vendor Invoices account.
    Sorry. That function does not exist.
    Paid Invoices, when using the "New Customer Payment" dialog in the Customer Invoices account register, are marked "c".
    Unpaid or partially paid invoices or those where payment was transferred into Customer Invoices from a bank account register (not using the New Payment dialog) remain uncleared.
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