Does anybody else have the issue of transfers transferring into the same account?"- Yes!

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That discussion is already closed, but I confirm that I see the same problem as in "Does anybody else have the issue of transfers transferring into the same account?"


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    I recommend you follow the advice given by several users in the original discussion:
    Manually record transfer transactions into your registers BEFORE you download transactions from the banks.
    This will give you correctly linked transfer transactions in all accounts. Quicken can match the downloaded information to the already existing register transaction and won't have to resort to building incorrect transfer-back-to-same-account transactions which in turn will require manual correction.
    Given the quality of the downloaded transaction data (or lack thereof), manually recorded transfer transactions will give you the best results.
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    Sure, let's do it manually. "Q: What is the best cure from the common cold? A: the guillotine!"
    This never happened until about one year ago, so it's probably not inevitable if Q developers take notice.
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    NOTHING has changed in the way that Q handles transfers.
    NOTHING has changed in the recommendation that transfers be input manually.
    Your downloaded file KNOWS NOTHING about transfers.  It only knows about additions/subtractions from the single account.  Which is also what the download into the other account knows.
    There is no provision, in the QFX specs for transfers, since a download only knows about the single account that it's downloading into.

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    If Quicken had a way of being 100% sure of transfers this preference wouldn't exist.

    It is purely a guess, and always has been.
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    I like the ability to disable the assumptions quicken makes about transfers. I'd rather match them up myself.
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