Poor EU users....

I had an old Quicken H&B license and got the (wrong) idea to gather the last xmas promotion and update to the windows subscription.
Now: I can't use iOS app because it is not available in my country (ITALY), I can't sync ANY of my accounts to web/cloud because they are NOT in USD (discovered just this morning...), I can't use any transaction/download because EU banks are not connectable.
Hence, NO additional feature then the ones I had paid for in 2015 or like...

Can I get back in any way?


  • splasher
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    If you qualify, then try for it.
    But you did purchase something meant to be used in either the US or Canada for users with US or Canadian financial institutions, so why are you surprised that it doesn't fit your needs trying to use it in Italy?  Quicken makes NO claims that it is suitable for use in any country other than US or Canada.

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  • NotACPA
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    Back when Intuit owned Quicken, a UK version was offered ... many years ago.
    But, it wasn't adopted by enough UK/EU persons, so Intuit dropped it as not profitable.
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