Is there an easy get started instructions. I have paid but everything I try to do asks me to pay for

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I am not able to get started


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    Hi @HBHPNY

    Take a look at this LINK, there are "step-by-step" instructions.  Get back to us here with any specific follow-up type questions.


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    Just to clarify - where did you pay for Quicken ?
    And, as mentioned above by @Frankx ... you basically go to the Quicken website, and download the desktop software.
    After downloading - you start the desktop program, may have to enter your Quicken ID (email) and password - and done.

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    @HBHPNY - Going to your online Quicken account and downloading the program from there works if you bought the program from  No activation code is needed...just download it and install it and you should be able to run the program right after installation is completed.
    If, however, you bought the program from a retailer you will need to enter the activation code during the program set up process.  If you bought it as a download then the retailer should have emailed you the activation code.  If you did not get it then you need to contact the retailer to request it.  If you bought it as a CD then the code should be printed inside the box that the CD came in.

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