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I'm in panic mode. I'm not a Quicken user; my 80+ year old Dad is, but he has the 2013 version. (There is no circumstance in which he upgrades; please skip the sales pitch.)

I can't seem to attach a screenshot to this question. This morning, his .qdf was almost exactly the way he wanted it. We generated a Tax Schedule Report for last year. It came up almost exactly the way he wanted it. We wanted to change the Memo field of one single transaction, but when we did so, and saved the change, the transaction disappeared from the Tax Schedule Report. That's not the change I wanted to make!

Specifically, the memo field needed to be truncated. Dad thought it best to Cut the lengthy note from the record's default Memo field; "Create a Flag or Memo" for the record, Paste the lengthy note to the text field of the Create a Flag or Memo dialog box, and check the Red Flag box. We then saved that change and saved the .qdf change. The transaction date is not changed, and the record retains whatever the field value is that marks the record for inclusion in the Tax Schedule Report. (The Tax check mark icon is still visible in the account file for that transaction.)

When I returned to the Tax Schedule Report, the Report refreshed as I would expect. When it refreshed, the charitable deduction line item had disappeared - which I would NOT expect.

So... what did I do wrong?


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    If you haven't already, I suggest you review the filters set for the report: open the report and press Alt + C

    Otherwise, I suggest you try reentering the transaction or restoring a backup.
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    Or maybe in the process of editing the transaction the date changed so it is no longer in 2021.
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    Thank you, @Sherlock. I followed your suggestions, but it didn't work. More specifically:

    Alt+C didn't tell me anything useful; after I made the changes described above, the record retains all the necessary fields that should have been located by the filters as configured.

    I learned how to find and open backup versions of the file. I restored two different ones to copies so I wouldn't overwrite the one I screwed up. I followed the MS Help article about how to transfer a transaction between different Quicken files. I now have two instances of that transaction in the current file, but neither one appears in the Tax Schedule Report. So then I ran the Tax Schedule Report from the backup file, and the transaction again did not appear in the report. Then, I opened the second (older) backup file. I didn't do anything at all except verify the presence of the desired transaction and run a new Tax Schedule Report. It did not appear. Bear in mind, this transaction occurred in Feb 2021, so the record hasn't been touched in all that time. It should be present in every previous backup file, and it should appear in every report. It was there yesterday, and it was there this morning. I changed the Memo field and now it isn't there in any backup version so far. I'll check a few more but I'm not optimistic.

    Pardon my French, but what the heck? :smile:

    Thank you, @Jim_Harman. I thought of that too, earlier, but verified that I hadn't accidentally changed the date of the transaction.
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