Sync Error - General Error - Every time I click sync

BigJazzBoi Member
Everytime I click sync to sync my accounts, I get a popup aat the end that says "Sync Error" - "Quicken encountered an error while communication with our servers. Try again later. If the error persists, contact Quicken Support." And at the bottom it says "General Error."

1.) All of my accounts seem to sync correctly. Everything about Quicken works fine, there is just this annoying pop up at the end of the sync.

2.) Looking through the connection logs it appears it is failing when it tries to call this API:'true')

Which returns the following error:

"errors" : [
"httpStatus" : 403,
"code" : "QCS-0403-2",
"title" : "Illegal Operation: {0}",
"detail" : "Illegal Operation because The specified user could not be found."

Note, I do not use Quicken Bill Pay or Bill Manager.

Is this an issue specific to me, or are others facing this?


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