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In the previous version of Quicken before the Annual Subscription version, I used to be able to change a 401k style investment account transaction easily. However, since I purchased the subscription version, it is now much harder to change an investment transaction easily.

When I open the investment account, it shows the paycheck Xln transaction. (check, the new subscription version does this too).

Now I need to change the Xln transaction to a Buy transaction which is where the subscription version has the problem.

In previous versions of Quicken, when I would edit the Xln transaction to a Buy transaction, it would maintain the Amount to transfer for the Xln transaction in the 'Total Cost' value of the Buy transaction. However, in the subscription version when I change the Xln transaction to a Buy transaction, the Total Cost changes to a $0.00 and does not maintain the original Amount of the transfer value. So now I have to input the total cost value of the Buy transaction which is greyed-out behind the Edit transaction window.

Please fix the subscription version of Quicken to maintain the Amount to transfer value when changing the investment transaction to a Buy transaction, or any other type of transaction.


  • Tom Young
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    I've never had a 401(k) Account in Quicken so this is simply a "curiosity" question: Why would you want to change an actual transaction - the XIn - to a Buy in the first place?  Seems like the "best" method would be to simply create the Buy leaving the XIn intact.
  • Jim_Harman
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    It sounds like he wants to edit it from an Xin to a BoughtX. When you edit the Xin, Quicken remembers the transfer account but does not default to it, and forgets the amount.

    I agree that adding the Buy is more in line with what actually happened, because there is often a delay between the pay date and the purchase date.
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  • DaWeav
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    @Jim_Harman Correct. When I change it to Buy, it actually makes it a BoughtX transaction. The Amount to Transfer value of the Xln transaction does not carry over on the Total Cost of the Buy edit page. It should just maintain the Xln Amount to transfer to the BoughtX Total Cost field. The problem is that I then have to look behind the Edit window at the grey-out account register to see the amount of the transaction and manually input it into the Total Cost field.
  • Tom Young
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    I'll admit I don't know what's going on but it apparently you know the number of shares purchased so it seems like the work-around is to simply enter a new Buy, provide the number of shares and the total cost (Amount) and hit enter.
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