Existing stock symbol (VXF) not recognized on download update. Quicken asks to replace.

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I have shares in Vanguard VXF. Quicken does not recognize that I already have the shares in Quicken. Instead, it wants me to select another fund and, in this case, suggests Vanguard fund VEXAX. This has been a constant problem.


  • Tom Young
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    Try editing that security, unticking the box next to "Matched with online security" and the next time you download from Vanguard you should have the opportunity to get that squared away.
  • Art_M
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    Thank's Tom but the "Matched with online security" box is grayed out.
  • q_lurker
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    What Security Type do you have assigned to the VXF security in your Quicken File?  It should NOT be Market Index.

  • Art_M
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    I did have it set to market index. Changed to mutual fund, still grayed out but it may have fixed it as I downloaded again and it did not try to change the symbol. Thanks so much for your help!
  • Jim_Harman
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    The Market Index security type is reserved for actual indexes like the Dow Jones Industrials, S&P 500, etc. Quicken does not allow you to hold any shares of any security that is marked as a Market Index.

    Index mutual funds or ETFs that hold the same securities as an index should be marked as Mutual Funds.  
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