Vystar suggests Quicken can use CSV files for importing transactions

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Vystar is planning an update of their mobile banking website on 3/19 and Quicken transaction download will be unavailable staring 3/20. As workaround, Vystar states the ability to download CSV files.  Evidently, Vystar is ignoring that Quicken does not import CSV transaction files.  I've reported this to Vystar but they don't seem to understand. There was no indication how long Vystar's Quicken access will be unavailable.

"As we work to bring back all Quicken features, you will be able download a .CSV of your transactions in the new experience starting March 20th."

Has anyone else contacted Vystar about the invalid directions of using CSV files for  transaction downloads?
Is there some feature in Quicken that allows transaction import from CSV files?
Maybe Quicken support can shed some light on their dealing with the Vystar update.

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