R39.21 - Paycheck Splits messed up for years

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With the last version upgrade, all of my paycheck splits have been disappeared. How do I undo this version upgrade so I can restore my file with the correct splits


  • Quicken Anja
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    Hello @GTmem,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community and telling us about your issue, though I apologize that you are experiencing this.

    A patch is scheduled to be released tomorrow, which should address this issue.

    The next patch will 'fix' this issue by preventing it from happening again. However, it will not retroactively fix current data that may be corrupted. You will need to install the new patch and restore a backup to fix currently corrupted paycheck entries, unfortunately.

    If you do not wish to wait for the next patch to be released, then we advise reverting back to R38.30 and restoring a backup. You can download and install R38.30 through this link here.

    Thank you!
    -Quicken Anja
  • braveman24
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    [Removed - Disruptive] My whole file is completely ruined. Entries going back to 2006. I am so sick of this software. How can I go about getting a refund? PLEASE HELP!!!
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    Hello @braveman24,

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community and adding to this discussion, though we apologize for any frustration you have experienced.
    How can I go about getting a refund? 
    For refunds, you will need to contact Quicken Support directly. Our support team will have the necessary tools available in order to fulfill your request that this channel, unfortunately, does not.

    Thank you!
    -Quicken Anja
  • charb
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    I would like to know if the presentation I referenced / posted under "Register balance value incorrect after R39.21 Update" is a know manifestation of this issue with R39.21

    Your (moderator) summary is pretty slim on details....
  • Mitchell Vardeman
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    Unbelievable; this has totally messed-up years of my data. I'm supposed to revert to R38.30 to get rid of the problem? What about the hours worth of work I've done since then? Just redo that?
  • Ps56k2
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    Mitchell Vardeman said: Unbelievable; this has totally messed-up years of my data.
    1 - Reverting back to R38.30 will give you a solid version - without the induced Payroll Split errors -
    2 - you have to RESTORE your Quicken data file from one of the Quicken backups
    to get to a point prior to when R39.xx messed things up

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  • jharris5
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    My records going back years were fried by this Quicken Boondoggle.
    What date backup do I need to fix this disaster?
    I will have to go back to that and then reconstruct all my transactions that have occurred since the disastrous update.
  • miklk
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    Most people did not get access to 39.xx until at least March 3 so before that
  • BetaData
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    I am experiencing this same issue:

    When I hover over the “-Paycheck-“ memo area of several of my paycheck transactions, I can see all the categories except for transfers to other accounts (401k and HSA) which show the category as “[Unspecified Account]". However, these transfers do correctly show up in my 401k and HSA account registers. When I click on the green checkmark “Open the split transaction window” button, it opens the Edit Current Paycheck window which incorrectly shows zeroes for all of the line items.
    When I press Ctrl+Shift+S it opens the Split Transaction window which shows all of the splits with correct amounts, but any transfers show the Category as “[Unspecified Account]”.

    I first noticed this while using version R38.30, but I suspect that it was happening in previous versions too. There are many community posts describing this problem going back to at least early 2019.

    Restoring a backup Quicken file is not a feasible option for me. I do not know when I started experiencing this issue, and I have since manually entered hundreds of transactions.

    Questions for Quicken Support and the community:
    What is the easiest way for me to find all of the messed up transactions?
    Will deleting all of the messed up transactions (if I can find them all) and re-entering them fix this issue? Several community posts describe users re-entering transactions only to later find the split amounts missing -- again. :neutral:

    Thank you in advance for your help!
  • Ps56k2
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    As has been mentioned in the other 180+ postings.... this was caused by the recent R39.xx releases...
    2 - you need to RESTORE from a Quicken Backup - PRIOR to the R39.xx problems - around March 4 -

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  • Mark Pedroia
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    I just discovered this the hard way, had to rebuild 3 years of payroll data by hand (HOURS!!) and I'm far from done. Here is something I noticed however. Quicken only modified the paychecks of employers that had a current "track paycheck" scheduled to occur. Thankfully it did not modify about 22 years of payroll data, I'm thinking because there was not a current paycheck for my oldest and inactive employer. However, my 2 current employers that do have track paychecks, yup, totally nuked those records back to 2014. I hope providing the link between active paycheck and altered records helps. In fact, my old records were modified to match my current track paycheck so there is definitely a link between the present and the past. I have an "uncorrupted" backup from early March that has good data but Q no longer provides the ability to export specific transactions into a QFX/QIF/CSV, it looks to be all or nothing
  • Ps56k2
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    I just discovered this the hard way, had to rebuild 3 years of payroll data by hand (HOURS!!)
    I hope that you really resolved the reported problem… as the suggested solution is… 
    1. install the latest release beyond R39.17/21
    2. Restore the Quicken QDF data file from prior to 3/4/22 - when R39.17/21 was released. 
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  • Mark Pedroia
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    Arriving late to this entire incident, I was completely unaware of the issue because the registry totals (net of paycheck) were correct although the guts of the transaction (splits) were completely wrong. I only realized this when I looked backwards at some SSA contributions and noticed they were all the same amount (unlikely). I have sequential backups I can use to manually pull accurate historical paycheck data and then manually enter that. I've decided to go this route (rebuilding paychecks) because 8 years of paychecks (96) entries is FAR less than the hundreds of other credit card, check, rental and investment transactions I've entered since 3/4/22. I will report back if I encounter difficulty, meaning after my "fix" I'll report if Quicken replicates the error. Memory is there WAS a feature to highlight and then export specific transactions. I can't find that, it must have been deleted. If that tool were still in service, I could easily export the accurate paychecks then import and get beyond this mini-disaster. Sure would be nice to restore the transaction export feature that could then be imported. So far, all i can find is how to export the entire account.
  • Mark Pedroia
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    Lot's of keypunch to (hopefully) overcome this event. I'm past it, fully rebuilt and off and running. So far so good, it's only been a day however. Having multiple back-up's on thumb drives, in the Google cloud, on the hard drive and the Portable SSD really saved my @ss because it allowed me to go deeper than the 5 automatic back-ups in Quicken which, if you use the program a lot, are overwritten pretty quickly leaving all 5 backups with corrupted data. How Quicken is going to compensate me for about 12 hours of my time to re-enter everything....that remains undetermined. A few years ago I had to disconnect from Mobile and also from Budgeting because of a similar issue where I sadly discovered Quicken had reached far back into my data and altered it, negatively. My confidence has been completely eroded by this incident and I am now fearful all this could happen again sometime in the future. It's like a landmine just waiting to take you out. UGH and ARGH. Beyond disappointed!!!
  • RyanBirk
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    This problem is unacceptable! Quicken, please due some QA/QC before releasing new versions of the software. Unfotunately for me, I didn't realize that the updates had messed up historical paychecks until after I already made a whole bunch more edits and so it is not going to do me a lot of good to go back and restore. I am going to have to hand enter those messed up paychecks again. You are going to lose a lot of customers if you keep doing things like this!
  • Mark Pedroia
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    I had to manually keypunch the historical checks and since doing so Q has not modified the restorations I have made.  I know, beyond disappointing.  I wish they would have "announced" the problem which would have given me/us the opportunity to preserve recent backups and prevented over-writing successive backups that had good data...with their corrupted data.    
  • JeffG35578
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    Wow this is insane. I just lost years of data, I am trying to restore from backup but even then I will have to redo a month or more of transactions. This may be the end of Quicken for me...
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