Corrupt Cloud Accounts?

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Is anyone experiencing corrupt cloud accounts? I just want to delete everything in the cloud and resync what is is the desktop version. The "Reset" option is what is causing me issues. I click it and it messes up all of my account balances. I just spent 2 hours finding transactions that got deleted when I clicked "Reset." Is there any help for this? The support person asked me to click reset for another issue and I forgot it messes up my balances.


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    There have been a number of reports of behavior similar to what you describe, where resetting the Cloud, which should not touch your desktop data, in fact does.

    I just noticed that this afternoon the developers released version 6.6.1. While the details are sparse, one of the noted fixes might have something to do with this…


    I would update to version 6.6.1 before trying to Reset your could file again. Hopefully, whatever they fixed will prevent the problems you previously experienced. (Of course, save a backup of your data file before you do the update and reset.)
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    I am afraid to try it again. I don’t want to spend 2 hours looking at bank statements from 2018 and trying to find the transactions that quicken deleted. I did just update so maybe I’ll give it a shot. But I know I will be cursing Intuit when my balances go wonky again. Restoring from a backup does fix the balances, but then I can’t download transactions because I don’t have a cloud account setup.
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    Do you have Mobile & Web Sync enabled?

    I noticed today in response to another Cloud problem, @Quicken Jasmine provided a procedure which involves disabling Mobile & Web Sync before a Reset. Click here to link to that post.

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    Would you believe I did that earlier today and it worked!
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