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I want to manually reconcile my checking account, but after the update for V. 6.6.1 for Mac, can't get the reconcile link to work. Is there a fix for this?


  • NotACPA
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    WHAT "reconcile link".  Reconcile is a function completely within your QMac program.  There is no external link.
    SO, what are you clicking on ... and what happens.  The more detail, the better.
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  • LEJ
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    Thanks for responding so quickly. Perhaps I used the wrong term when I called it a link. Under the Quicken "Accounts" menu there is an option to 'Reconcile Account' which up to now has brought up a reconcile window to do the task. It is not working. Since the update the option is 'grayed out' and can't be accessed.
  • Jon
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    You do have an individual account selected, right? If you have one of the account groups selected (Cash, Brokerage, etc) the Reconcile option is grayed out.

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  • LEJ
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    Many thanks Jon! That was the problem...I had 'cash' selected. It works now.
  • student9
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    I have Checking selected and Reconcile is still greyed out. I can't figure out how to access the Reconcile feature.
  • student9
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    Just figured it out - please ignore previous post.
  • ColonelRay
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    I have the same problem but whatever your fix was, either I'm not doing it right or something else. I click on any of my accounts and hit the "Reconcile" button near the bottom or the pull-down menu item and neither does anything but make the display flash as if its doing something, but then nothing.
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