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When I run a report, it uses the posting date not the date that I entered. For taxes this is problematic. When mailing a check for a charity donation, the postmark date is considered the date of the donation. I used to work for a nonprofit; the date a nonprofit deposits is not the date of the donation. Smaller non profits don't make daily deposits.

Is there a way to make the reports use the entered date instead of the posting date?


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    Disregard this discussion. I was looking at the wrong year. That's what I get for trying to do taxes with a headache.
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    For me, the taxes CAUSE the headache!
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    If it's important to have a certain expense (donation) appear in the correct tax year, do be sure to manually record the transaction with the date that you put on the check, 12/31 of last year if necessary. Ultimately, that's what counts. Do not rely on making Quicken automagically create a transaction from downloaded data. Quicken doesn't know that, in real life, the downloaded "Check 1234" is a donation made in December of last year and should be dated as such.

    Oh, I know, sometimes you just want to ...
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