Is there an upgrade and migration path from Quicken Deluxe 2000?

I use Quicken Deluxe 2000 and unfortunately I've never updated it (shame on me as I work in technology and know all about tech debt!). I'm VAT registered but it won't support HMRC's use of MTD from April for submission of VAT Returns. I therefore have a three questions - (a) is there an upgrade and migration path from Quicken 2000 to the latest version? (b) the latest version is US-only I believe, so does it support UK MTD? and (c) if moving to the latest version of Quicken isn't viable, then can I move to the latest version and then migrate to Quickbooks and if so, what's the migration path? Thanks for your help and looking forward to hearing from you. Henry Cohen, Windeler Cohen Associates LLP


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    I know nothing about UK finances, but I doubt that anything has changed in Quicken that would make what isn’t working for you in the 2000 UK version work in the current US version.

    Here is some information on the possible paths to using the US version:

    As for converting to QuickBooks I do believe it has a way to convert Quicken data files, I’m not sure if the most recent is needed or if the free Quicken Deluxe US 2013 version can be used.  I also have no idea if there would be any problems since you want to end up with a QuickBooks that is UK supported, but this conversion is from the US version of Quicken.
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