I have a serious problem-It may have happened with the newest release. Under bills and reminders I h

I have a serious problem-It may have happened with the newest release. Under bills and reminders I have 5 pay check reminders and one Deposit reminder with categories. I change them from time to time if their is an increase in a deposit. One is a pay check, two are social security and two are pensions. The problem is that the last change I made populated that same change in all my transactions for several years back. The amount in the register stays the same but the total and deductions are all off and do not add up to what is in the register. I went back and manually changed 3 years on my paychecks but I do not have paper copies to make the changes on the pensions and social security. Also I am afraid that the next time I enter a paycheck from reminders, the program will go and change all my manual entrees back


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    It sounds like you have been affected by this problem:


    Please go to Help > About Quicken and see what release you are running. If it is R39.17 or R39.21, you should go to Help > Check for updates and install R39.23 or newer.

    Once you have installed R39.23, which fixes this problem going forward, you need to restore a backup from before you installed R39.17. This would be about March 4. See this Announcement


    You will have to re-enter any transactions you entered since then. 

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    thanks. However, it may be easier to fix the old transaction than re entering the more recent transaction as I spent 3 hours entering all my old paychecks. Also I looked at a back up and it had the same errors. by the way I do have r39.23 installed but the link you provided me suggested to go back to release r38.30
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    I went back to a back up dated 2/28/2022 and it appear that all the errors are gone. I am reviewing it now. I would have to put a lot of new transactions if
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