Direct Connect for Truist Bank is NOT resolved

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on 12:41PM stated that the problem with direct connect to Truist is resolved. The solution provided for Windows is a Web Connect solution not a direct connect. When can we expect a direct connect solution for Truist banking?


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    Hi @Mtheo ,

    Did you call Truist Bank to see if their Protocol Port for a Direct Connection is working?  Have they set up for Direct Connect? Simply because Quicken shows Direct Connect Connection, that may no longer be the case.

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    Hello @Mtheo,

    Thanks for reaching out to the Community.

    As instructed in the Alert; to select Direct Connect, you will need to select Truist Online Banking in the financial institution list, click Advanced Options, then select the option for Direct Connect (2nd option on the screen below "Express Web Connect").

    I hope this clarifies things! Thank you.

    -Quicken Anja
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  • Mtheo
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    I followed your instructions and selected Truist Online Banking as my financial institution. I then went to the Advanced Options and selected Direct Connect. However, the screen that comes up when you click on Next is for a web connect because it asks for username and password vs. asking for the routing information and account number.
  • John Zinner
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    A very nice tech support person worked with me over the phone for more than an hour, before we discovered that Truist has not yet set up direct connect with Quicken even tho the Quicken Alert today informed me that the direct connect issue was "resolved". Please fix this problem ASAP and let us know by Alert.
  • HelpMeQkn
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    Many of on this thread have successfully enabled direct connect AND registered our Quicken file with Truist by subscribing to their monthly program and accepting the recurring fee. Bill pay from Quicken still does not work and returns the 306 error. Quicken blames Truist and Truist blames Quicken. Quicken and Truist need to get together and work on a solution for all of their loyal customers.
  • David Broach
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    Was reading about the Truist debacle in this community this morning like I have for 3 weeks. I have also been getting the OL-306-A error. However, also like I do each morning, I tried to send a payment just to test and believe it or not it succeeded. However, I have already opened an account at PNC and will most likely move my banking there. This has been nuts!
  • Mtheo
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    > @BOB139 said:
    > Truist has direct connect. You need to login to online banking, click your name next to Sign Out, select Profile & Settings, Preferences, and select Subscribe. Once you accept their $8/month fee it should work.

    I did what you had suggested. On the Truist site it stated that i could use an existing account or create a new one. I opted for an existing Truist account that was web based. When i followed the Quicken instructions to mark it as a direct connection and hit finished; it still remained as a web connected account. Guess i'll have to contact Truist and see what can be done.
  • CKnorr
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    I got Direct Connect to work and was charged $7.95 last month. Bills paid, transactions downloaded.

    Express Web Connect is what I want (no fee). I have the Quicken app saying I've selected Express Web Connect as my "connect method". When I say "Update Transactions", a connection with Truist seems to occur but nothing is downloaded even though I can see 10 transactions that have not been downloaded on the Truist site. Has anyone gotten Express Web Connect to work?
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