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Still unable to add a loan account

An almost year old thread is at

No resolution. Problem still exists.


  • Frankx
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    Hi @Adam Pressman

    Did you try the solution that was mentioned in the thread you have cited - specifically, did you try starting a new Quicken datafile and then try to add the loan account to that?  If you do that, and the loan can be created, it is an indication that there are issues with your current datafile. 

    If that is the case, you could then try doing a "file validation" (and potentially a "super validation" if the "file validation" doesn't fix it).


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  • Sherlock
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    edited March 2022
    If the issue is not resolved by performing the Copy and Validate Instructions as described in:,  I suggest you report the issue to Quicken: select Help > Report a problem...

    Your post is the seventeenth discussion on this topic since December 2019 that I am aware of.  We've been informed that all of the data files Quicken has received thus far with this issue have been resolved by performing the Copy and Validate.
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