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Every few days when I sync Quicken my with Fidelity, my 401k balance increases by 100%. It is the cash balance. It goes from $0 to the value of the holdings. This 100% is a bug. What is making me sick of quicken...I can't get it fixed after reporting for months. I can't chat with anyone (the site link does nothing), when I tried to call, said I need a support plan. I supported it via the product. I just want it fixed. Been with this company since the early 90s. Pay a ton through this subscription, do their surveys. [Removed - Profanity]  How can I user not easily get a bug addressed???


  • Jim_Harman
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    It sounds like you are experiencing this known issue.

    Assuming you have a current subscription, you should not need a support plan. Make sure you call the number listed when you go to Help > Contact Quicken Support from inside Quicken. Pop-ups must be enabled in your browser for this to work.

    Google search results for Quicken Support often lead to scam support sites.
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  • Mark Stevens
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    Thanks Jim. Appreciate you pointing to it.
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