DCU - how to disconnect from old bank name to new name without losing transactions

dcu now shows with two banks dcu old and dcu credit. How do I disconnect from old and connect to new name without duplicating all accounts and having to move transactions


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    Hello @amstern,

    Thank you for contacting the Quicken Community with these questions. 

    You can deactivate your account(s) and then reactivate using the new instance for DCU. If you come across duplicates, you can delete them as they will not redownload once deleted. 

    I have included a link below to a support article that discusses steps involving deactivating and reactivating accounts. 


    I hope you find this to be of use. 
    Please do not hesitate to reach out with any further questions or concerns. 

    -Quicken Jasmine

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    just sharing - there are now FOUR avail selections -
    69345    69345    69345    Digital Federal Credit Union   
    https://www.dcu.org/    1-800-328-8797    https://app.dcu.org/login    ACTIVE
    61485    61485    61485    Digital Federal Credit Union - Bus   
    https://www.dcu.org/    508.263.6700    https://online.mycardinfo.com/    ACTIVE
    59751    59751    59751    Digital Federal Credit Union Credi   
    http://www.dcu.org/    1-800-328-8797    https://app.dcu.org/login    ACTIVE
    01241    01241    01241    Digital Federal Credit Union Old   
    https://www.dcu.org/    1-800-328-8797    https://app.dcu.org/login    ACTIVE

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    amstern said:
    dcu now shows with two banks dcu old and dcu credit. How do I disconnect from old and connect to new name without duplicating all accounts and having to move transactions
    Hi @amstern ,

    Actually you will keep the old register for reference, only.

    You start a new Account Register with the new Bank Name, by adding the new Bank to a New Register.

    Why? Because the transactions from old Bank aren't transferred to the New Bank. You want the New Register to reflect the transactions, found at the new Bank. to make the Reconcile to complete without errors.

    You don't delete the old register.

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  • amstern
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    Thanks but not really an answer to my question. I have not changed banks. Quicken now lists two identities for DCU one called dcu old one called credit. I am connected to old and wanted to try to connect to the other and link as it my solve the ongoing transaction download issues. Same bank same accounts just new link.
  • pcardimino
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    This is what worked for me.... I reset my dcu savings account. I did not do the setup online after that.
    Instead go to the menu bar item along the top and chose "Tools" and then "Add Account". Then Type in your Financial institution. In my case I entered Digital Federal Credit Union. I got the list of all those DCU's mentioned in earlier comments above including the one ending in "old". I selected the one with just "Digital Federal Credit Union". Then entered my username and password, next provided the one time password dcu sent me. Quicken then showed me a list of all my accounts at dcu including the savings. They all had a "Link to existing" already selected. I confirmed that screen and that process completed. My DCU savings was now tied to "Digital Federal Credit Union" as my Financial institution. AND so were all my other accounts also! I hope this helps and YMMV... Good Luck!
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    do you have a DCU visa acct and did this work for the VISA account as well?
  • CMarenghi
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    I have several DCU accounts. My transactions finally download to Quicken, but Quicken creates new accounts with new names - it does not recognize or update my pre-existing accounts with all my years of historical information. The new accounts do not have correct transactions or categories, and they have bizarre text in the memos field;. Plus, they only go ack to Jan 2022 in the new accounts. I want to consolidate all correct information, past and present, for each account -- checking, savings, etc. -- into one account for each under a name that Quicken will recognize and update. I have a panoply of different accounts now and want to consolidate them. THIS IS A MESS.
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