Online bank transaction sync as of last year.

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Hey, I am a old user and the membership expired at the end of last year, I re-purchased the member in March. But when I updated my bank account, I found all the update saying that it's updated as of Dec 30, 2021. So no new transcation downloaded. How to fix this?


  • Quicken Jasmine
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    edited March 2022
    Hello @ffp421,

    Thank you for contacting the Community with this question, I am sorry that you are experiencing this. 

    As tedious as it may be, I suggest starting out by deactivating and reactivating all of your active accounts in order to re-establish the connection between Quicken and your Financial Institution(s). 

    Here is a link to a support article that discusses deactivating and reactivating accounts. Before attempting these troubleshooting steps it is recommended to save a backup of your current data file just in case something were to go awry. 

    Please let me know how this goes for you, I look forward to hearing your response. 

    -Quicken Jasmine

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