Why can't I customize the categories in a Category Detail Report in subscription Quicken?

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I used to be able to include memos in my Category Detail report printouts. These contain essential information for me to reconcile accounts, do taxes, pay subcontractors, etc. It is a major inconvenience for me not to be able to include this information in a detail printout. The "Transactions by Category" option is the closest the subscription version comes to "Category Detail Report" and it omits all of the memo information. It is not good enough for me not to be able to print this out in a way that lets me scan all transactions within the category for their memo info. Right now I have to click on each transaction to even see if there is memo info associated with it. Not good!
Not being able to customize a Category Detail report to fit my business's needs is a major handicap! Please fix this.


  • ebfiddler
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    I use the memo to store a lot of information about the transaction that helps me do my taxes, keep accounts and pay vendors for my business. I am having trouble finding any means of printing out the full memo information. Do I really have to open each transaction by hand and screenshot it to be able to view and print out my memos? It is not customizable into any of the reports that I can find, whereas it used to be quite easy to include in Category Detail reports in my earlier version of Quicken.
    How can I recover this essential function of Quicken that I have been using since the 1990s? Who thought it was a great idea to get rid of this function in this supposedly updated version that I had to buy because of a system upgrade?
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    Hello @ebfiddler,

    Thank you for contacting the Community with this question. 

    Unfortunately, you cannot create a report using the memo field. However, I have located a discussion thread where some other users gave some ways to work around this. 

    I have also found an idea post relating to this feature which you can go and vote on to hopefully get this request to our development team and added to Quicken for Mac. 

    I hope this helps and I am sorry for any inconvenience that this has caused. 

    -Quicken Jasmine

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    Hi, ebfiddler:

    Using your "Transaction By Category" report example, you can choose to display the memo column (amounts others) in that report. You can drag columns around/resize as needed as well.

    You can control click on a column header to choose what columns to display. You can also choose the "Columns" option under the View menu at the top of the report.
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    @ebfiddler After you have added the memo field to the Transactions by Category per John's instructions, I'd suggest saving that as a custom report. Then going forward, use this saved report as your starting point so you don't have to keep adding the memo field each time you make a new report.
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