Q Canada Updating quotes - does it download both US and CDN - missing only a few

brianbyers6 Member
When updating stock quotes, my service consistently misses 3 stocks (AC-ca, JPM-us and GOOGL-us) and one ETF (EQL-ca). I checked them and all the information has been entered correctly. FYI, I download about 350 quotes daily and most work fine.


  • NotACPA
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    Are  you running Q US or Q Canada?  Q US can only download US quotes and Q Canada can only download CDN quotes.
    SO, are you missing other quotes that would help to narrow down the issue?
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  • brianbyers6
    brianbyers6 Member
    Home and Business Canadian edition (ver. R33.7). I have many Can and US stocks/ETFs and most quotes are downloaded fine. I have been told both editions allow for the download of both countries stock quotes. Its only those few stocks and ETFs that won't update.
  • Chris_QPW
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    I suggest the you report this to Quicken Inc using Help -> Report a problem, stating exactly which ones don’t update.
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