Save data with a “from” date to make a new file. (Q Mac)

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. I have looked everywhere trying to find this feature. At least now I know it doesn’t exist. Just as you say I’ve been using quicken for a long time. My life is different now. I have way too many categories since I ran 2 small businesses and our personal accounts. I would love to save data with a beginning date.


  • jacobs
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    There is an existing Idea thread for this feature. I suggest you visit that thread and add your vote by clicking the black arrow in the yellow box under the first post. (A moderator will likely merge your request into that thread.)

    You can also add your comment about why this would be useful for you; comments can help the developers understand why people aren't just asking for an old feature they have thought was unneeded with a modern database, 
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    Thanks! I will. This would be a very helpful feature.
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