Capital One payments add payment to balance rather than subtract from balance. HELP!

Initially I had been experiencing a connect problem to Capital one. Receiving mesg. Sorry it's not your problem. This problem appears to have been corrected. While the problen existed, I was manually downloading the transactions. This morning I deactivated my account and set up account. A good connect to Capital One, with a message stating downloaded transactions for past 52 days. I noted that I had to select the transactions because otherwise I would have had duplicate entries. I only accepted the new transactions. To my surprise, the acccount went from the correct debit balance to a high credited balance. All of the Capital One Payments added to the account rather than subtract from existing balance. When I investigated further the problem went back to 2018 when I first started this account. I restarted using a good backup, manually downloaded the transactions. If anyone else experienced this problem, I would appreciate all suggestions on how to correct.


  • Jim_Harman
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    It is normal for credit card accounts to have a negative (red) balance in Quicken.

    When you buy something with the card, the balance gets more negative because you owe the issuer more money. 

    When you make a payment, it is added to the balance, making it less negative.

    If some charges have not been recorded in the account but your payments have been recorded, the account may show a positive balance.

    Are you seeing something different?
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  • Charlie M
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    Thanks for response. As I mentioned in my question, I had been downloading the transactions manually.
    So that my account was in sync. I had the correct negative balance. When I performed the process of deactivate and setup, and I connected for the first time in about 2 months, my balance was in excess of thousands of dollars. ie. $2000.00 credit not as a ($2000.00) negative. I never noticed this morning, that all of the transactions were in the black I went back to when I actually had a negative account, and to surprise it went back to the opening balance? ie. The balance should have been ($2000), instead the opening balance had changed to $2450.00? Wasn't even the correct opening balance, don't know where the number came from? I know this sounds crazy, but, I had a screen captured of the good opening balance prior to updating. I corrected the opening balance to the correct opening balance and of course the problem corrected.

    Thanks for your feedback. It actually made me go back and look and that is when I noticed the problem.
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