Reconcile Math is Wrong

There is a February 22 post on the same issue that is now closed.

Reconciled account as normal, all data and item counts correct but Quicken Win10 current version has a consistent and completely wrong difference between cleared and statment ending balances.

The Superuser suggestion is that there is a date straddle error and to count the number of charges and payments to confirm they are correct. They are.

Another suggestion? Long time user since MYM.


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    An example screenshot would help people understand why you think it is wrong.
    You can drag and drop an image on the comment box to attach it.
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    @cgkarras can you please post a link to that closed  thread ... so that we don't have to search for it?
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    3.29.2022 just updated accounts on quicken and the account witch I just balanced and was correct came up in the negative. I shows me over $1000 in the red. I have no clue how to find the mistake which i am sure is on the quicken update side.
  • Tracked down the error. No problem with Quicken's math abilities. I had a transaction in account A that was reconciled to the problem account. Apparently the reconciliation in the account A also reconciled the transaction in the problem account. Consequently, the reconciled item appears as uncleared in the problem account reconciliation screen but NOT in the problem account register where it appeared, wait for it, as reconciled. Hope that is clear. Searching for a transaction with an amount equal to the cleared but not cleared amount in the reconciliation screen popped up the problem transaction instantily.
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