Shoutout for @Boatnmaniac and @UKR!!!

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Well, I know the posts I make here are 99% problems/issues/concerns, I just have felt for some time that I really got some excellent help from @Boatnmaniac and @UKR with some outstanding guidance on how to handle payments made online, that works perfectly! I have been using their tips for 2+ months now, and it works great.

I had struggled with having payments match my reminders for YEARS, and the technique they both suggested on using auto enter a day or two prior just works perfectly! I never used the auto enter of a transaction before. With the struggles I had in the past doing it my way, I think this is an example of using Quicken the primary way it was meant to be used.  Thanks again @Boatnmaniac and @UKR, you helped this user really get a lot more out of using Quicken!! I advise following the suggestions in that thread for anyone who struggles with reminders with corresponding online payments to be matched.


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    Happy to hear that our advice helped you solve a nagging problem.
    Being proactive and recording the information that Quicken really needs gives you much better results than letting "Quicken fly on autopilot" and ending up in the ditch. The information downloaded from the banks is just not good enough to be helpful.
    If you have any additional questions or concerns ... just ask. We'll be happy to help.
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    @Don Awalt That's why the SuperUsers are here ... to help our other users.  AND NOTE, that we're all volunteers!

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