How do I fix a Mutual Fund Share Class Exchange that didn't make an exchange?

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In April of 2021 there was supposed to be a share class exchange in my Vanguard IRA. The two transactions that I believe were supposed to do this appear in my register as shown in the attached image. It appears to me all the shares of security Vanguard Cash Reserves Fedl Mo were withdrawn and deposited back as Vanguard Cash Reserves Fedl Mo. The new security was supposed to be Vanguard Cash Reserves Federal Money Market Fund Admiral Shares. If I look at the edit dialog for that transaction, it shows the Payee to be Vanguard Cash Reserves Fedl Mo. Can I fix the transaction by changing that to Vanguard Cash Reserves Federal Money Market Fund Admiral Shares?


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    Hi @W.N.M.

    You can edit the name of the security by taking these steps:

    1) Click on "Tools" > "Security List";
    2) Use the search box to locate the security > click on the name;
    3) In the pop-up window, click on the "Edit Details" button;
    4) In the "Edit Security Details: window > change the name to the new name that you want Quicken to use;
    5) Click the "Okay" button > then close out the open windows.

    This should change the name to the name of your choosing.

    Let me know if you have any followups.


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    That's the  primary reason  why I always shorten my fund names, in  Q, to be SURE that the critical/unique info is shown in  Q

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    Because I didn't notice this until now, there are already transactions using the new security, such as dividend reinvestment transactions. So, the new security is already in my Security List. It would, it seems to me, also change the entire history of transactions. Could be a mess.

    I am also puzzled by the different edit dialogs. A reinvest dividend dialog has a box for the security, see attached image. (image.png)

    The Deposit transaction dialog just has a Payee box. (Deposit .png) Would pasting the name of the correct security in there change things?
  • W.N.M
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    @ NotACPA
    Yes, a good idea.
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    What I do is to name all my securities with the ticker symbol first, like GE-General Electric.
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    After reading other posts about this problem, I used Shares removed from account and Shares added to account transactions to make the exchange. Since the securities were money market funds with a share price of $1, it was not complicated by having to use different share amounts. I then deleted the Withdraw and Deposit transactions that originally used, since they didn't change a thing.
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    Withdraw and Deposit transactions as CASH transactions, not security transactions.  Your dealings with the MM fund are security transactions even though they get treated like 'cash' in many ways..
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    @ q_lurker
    You are correct. I could have used bought and sold, I suppose, since I don't use Quicken to figure taxes on investments. Neither, however, does what actually takes place with a Class Exchange, but there doesn't seem to be a method to make the change that leaves the name of the security in the old transactions unchanged, and starts using the new name on the date of the Class Exchange. Maybe that isn't important, but since I didn't notice that the transactions Quicken set up didn't really change anything, I had reinvest dividend transactions after the Class Exchange using the new security name, and the new security was listed in my Security List. If I had tried to change the name of the old security to the new security name in the Security List, I expected I would have received a message saying I couldn't do that because it already existed. Maybe not. I could have made a backup of the file and tried it, but I didn't. The real problem is that the transactions that came from Vanguard to make the change were transformed into no effect transactions by Quicken.
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