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I upgraded from Deluxe to the Business, Home and Rental Version so that I could easily create a P/L report, etc for my small business. It appears as though my upgrade is not what's currently showing in Quicken when I open it to use it. I have downloaded the newest version that i purchased and also signed out, closed out and logged back in. None of these seem to be doing the trick. Any advice? I am getting extremely frustrated with Quicken/Intuit programs altogether and about ready to give up on them.


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    Hi @dwade78,

    It sounds like you are not seeing the new features that you upgraded to - is that it?  If so, please go to - Help > About Quicken and tell me what it says at the top of the pop-up window directly below the "Quicken" name.

    BTW - you selected a Mac category here in the community which can't be accurate as there is not a H&B version on the Mac.


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    @dwade78 You posted your question in a Quicken Mac category of this forum. Are you using a Mac? If so, I'm sorry to say there is no Home & Business functionality on the Mac. You may have purchased a Home & Business subscription to Quicken, but only the Windows version of Quicken offers the business-specific features like invoicing.

    That said, you can easily generate a P&L for a small business using Quicken Mac. There is no report called "P&L", but Reports > Summary > Category > Category Summary Year to Date (or other Category Summary reports) allow you to set your desired time period and other parameters (such as excluding personal accounts or categories), and results in a report showing Income, Expenses and a grand total: a P&L report. 

    But if you need any of specific business features in Quicken Windows Home & Business, you won't find them on the Mac version. If you just recently purchased your Home & Business subscription, you should contact Quicken Support to request to be downgraded to Quicken Deluxe and have the different in cost refunded. 
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    @dwade78 if you just recently did that upgrade, and are indeed running QMac, you might want to consider returning your product within 30 days of purchase to Q for a full refund.

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