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I have a paycheck which was entered without any contributions so it only has one category e.g. Income:Salary.
I now want to add in a contribution but when I select Split, it just shows me the single transaction and not the usual 'split window' where I can enter multiple lines.
Am I stuck with this and have to add another separate line to capture the contribution?


  • Jim_Harman
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    Are you trying to use the Paycheck Wizard to enter your paychecks, or a normal split transaction?

    You can access the Paycheck Wizard by clicking the Add Paycheck button at Planning > Tax Center. Make sure you select the Gross Amount option on the first screen if you want to enter deductions.
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  • XCountry
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    Yes, I'm using the paycheck wizard. In some cases, when I recorded my past paychecks, I removed deductions, expenses etc just leaving the salary. In the register, the transaction appears as a regular double entry.
    I'm now trying to add in a contribution but quicken does does give the split window when I try to split the categories.
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