Feb. 28 transactions in register do not show up in reconciliation. (Q Mac)

Suthcon Member
Why don't all transactions in register show up in reconciliation which the make it impossible to complete the recon. I'm on a Mac.


  • NotACPA
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    Is 2/28 selected as the end date of your reconciliation?  What is the Cleared/Reconciled status of such transactions?

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  • Suthcon
    Suthcon Member
    2/28 is used as the end date but the transactions on 2/28 do not appear on the recon. screen. On the register screen the 2/28 show as uncleared.
  • jacobs
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    It sounds like your 2/28 transaction(s) may not have posted until the next day. Click on one of your 2/28 transactions and do View > Show Inspector. What is the Date Posted at the bottom of the Transaction Inspector window? 
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