Quicken for MAC thinks my fidelity checking is a brokerage account

Quicken for MAC thinks my fidelity checking is a brokerage account. Therefore when you try to make an entry, it wants # of shares, price, etc. Anyone else experience this?


  • NotACPA
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    It IS a brokerage account.  Fidelity is a brokerage, not a bank, and thus cannot by law offer a true checking account.  How have you recorded your cash in what appears to be your investment account?

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  • flyfishertn
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    Clarify ... what do you mean, how have I recorded cash? .. thanks
  • jacobs
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    @flyfishertn It's no problem that's it's a brokerage account in Quicken. The piece I believe you're missing is that in an investment account, in the transaction Type field, you need to enter or select from the drop-down menu "Payment/Deposit" as the transaction type. That changes the format of the transaction to a regular banking transaction, with the normal fields (e.g. category and whichever you use of memo, tag, check number, action) and the ability to enter splits; it won't be asking for share or prices if the transaction Type is Payment/Deposit. (If you have the Type field after the Date field, you press Tab to enter the Type field, and just type the first letter "P" and it will pop up with "Payment/Deposit"; then tab to the other fields.) 
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  • flyfishertn
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    @jacobs ... Yesss! That did it ... thanks a bunch!
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