Converting Attachments

I currently us Quicken for Mac and need to convert to Quicken for Windows. I am able to get the data converted but no attachments to transactions show up. Is there a way to get these documents? Could I use the cloud version or mobile?


  • Chris_QPW
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    There is no way to transfer your attachments.
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  • jacobs
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    There is no conversion of attachments that I know of. (Quicken Cloud cannot be used to transfer a complete file from Quicken Mac to Quicken Windows.)

    You could potentially do it manually if you have only a small number of attachments. The process is tedious convoluted: you can extract each attachment one at a time form your Quicken Mac data file, move the attachments to the Windows computer, find the transaction in Quicken Windows that each attachment belongs to, and manually attach it. (I can explain how to get to the attachments on the Mac if you're interested in pursuing this; for most people, this just isn't practical.)
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