Dividend Transaction not Appearing in a Quicken Report

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I have a custom report for dividends at the transaction detail level. Dividends entered in the account register using the "Reinvest - Income Reinvested" transaction appear in the report but dividends entered in the account register with the "Inc - Income (Div, Int, etc.)" transaction do not. For the report settings, I check "All" for Accounts, Categories, Securities, Security Types and Investment Goals. For Actions I check "Div", "DivX" and "ReinvDiv".

Does anyone the reason for the above problem ?


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    What built-in report did you start with?

    I did a quick experiment with the Investing > Investment Transaction report and I see Div, ReinvDiv, and DivX Actions when I select them.

    If what you want to see is dividends, why not customize the report to include all actions, and just select on the Category of _DivInc?

    A few possible explanations:
    -- The accounts that use Div actions are not being selected
    -- There are no Div actions in the time period selected

    Due to some recent bugginess in Quicken, sometimes the All button does not really select everything. Try the Selected button with everything selected instead.

    Please let us know what you find ...
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    Do not trust the includes all/any option on tabs of the Customize window of a report.  The feature was added relatively recently and does not reliably determine whether all the items are selected. 

    To prevent Quicken from incorrectly defaulting to the all/any option in a Saved report, I suggest unchecking an unhidden item for each tab.
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    Selecting everything instead of relying on the "All" option, except in the Actions tab, fixed the problem. I appreciate the multiple responses.
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