How do I remove old accounts and keep only accounts I'm actively using?

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I have been using Quicken since 2007. I have many old accounts (bank, investing, property & debt) that I no longer need or use. For example, I have old accounts for
  • Checking and savings accounts that were closed
  • Credit cards that were closed
  • Mortgages and Escrow that have been paid off (many years ago)
  • Investment accounts for employer 401(k)s where the account value was rolled over into IRA accounts (no investments were transferred)
  • Investment accounts where the investments were transferred into currently active investment accounts and the account closed
I'd like to have an active Quicken file with
  • Five years of activity in checking and savings accounts
  • Active investment accounts with all relevant transactions for currently held investments
  • Active Property accounts
  • Etc.
All guidance appreciated.

p.s. I have issues with my current file getting corrupt. Quicken Support suggested that I "start over." Looking for a way to do that without losing all my records.


  • NotACPA
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    Were those account closed at the Financial Institution?  In Quicken?  Both?
    re: transactions prior to 5 years ago: Have you looked at FILE, Copy or Backup File, Create a Year-end Archive?

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  • ksm
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    The accounts are closed at the Financial Institutions and in Quicken. 

    I've done year-end backups. The old files remain in Quicken.
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    Year end copy doesn't touch investment transactions.  And year end copy will not remove transactions that haven't been reconciled on both sides of a transfer.

    If you want to force removal of transactions that don't follow these rules you have to use the copy (template) feature.  Which BTW removes all online services connections, and you will have to re-enable them all.

    It is strongly suggested that you don't break up your data file in this manner.  If you do, you will most likely never get in back together.
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