I use a journal to keep track of all expenses, but do not record income etc.

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Can anyone point me in the right direction?


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    Hi @fjk,

    It sounds like you are trying to determine which version of Quicken to use. You said that you are currently only tracking all expenses and not income.  Do you currently track account balances in the journal, and if not do you have a need for that? Do you have a need to track other things like investments, retirement accounts, tax related data?

    These are all things that Quicken can do.  If you want to continue only tracking expenses, you might try the Starter edition first on a trial basis.


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    Personally, I would say that if the "journal" doesn't follow what is happening in the real world, then Quicken isn't a good fit (but might usable depending on your exact needs).

    What I mean by that is Quicken's model is a set of registers that are best used when they line up with the accounts at your financial institutions.  And then there are various other parts of the system to "visualize" things like reports and views.

    One could use a register as a "journal of expenses", but it would certainly go against the general use case of Quicken.  What's more it would be impossible to directly tie it to what is happening in the real world, and as such any "online features" would be useless for this use case.

    As such, I wouldn't pay for Quicken Subscription where you are mostly paying for online features.  Instead, I would use the free Quicken 2013 version that Quicken Inc make available in the "Converting from Quicken 2004 to 2009" section of this article:
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    If all you want is a computerized list, I'd be inclined to use a spreadsheet program which can be gotten for free.

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    Thank You
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