Venmo will no longer connect

I changed Venmo passwords recently, and forgot to update it in Quicken. The attempt to update accounts in Quicken failed, I remember I changed passwords, and I updated the password in Quicken. I KNOW the password is correct and I've tried to update/log in to my Venmo several times, but it keeps giving me and error, asking to send a code to my phone (which I do), but the code never comes and it goes directly to the next screen saying I've tried too many times. I've tried waiting a few days to log in, and I've tried to update it like 20 times by now.


  • Quicken Janean
    Quicken Janean Moderator admin
    Hi @mad888808,

    I am sorry for the trouble you are having connecting your Venmo account. This sounds frustrating. 

    Can you please let me know what error message you are receiving? 

    There is an alert that you can visit as well with more details about issues regarding connecting Venmo to Quicken. 

    Thank you! 

    Quicken Janean

    Quicken Janean

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