Does anyone know how to "reset" the reconcile window in a linked checking account?

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When I tried to reconcile the paper bank statement from March into a linked checking account to one of my investment accounts in Quicken,  I got to the end of the process and the reconcile process suggested a "balancing transaction" > $900!  The results of the same process were much smaller in February.  Something seems to have crept into the Quicken ledger that I don't understand.  

I abandoned the reconcile process for this account in March after this experience and tried to "start over".  Unfortunately I couldn't do it.  I tried changing the state of the reconcile window to "uncleared" and changed the dates of the process and the previous month's balance and the new current balance.  I kept getting the message "there are no uncleared items to reconcile".  

I guess I could back up to a data file from a month ago, but I'm reluctant to do this because there are a lot of transactions to redo....

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    The process of creating a Linked Checking Account, in Q, moves all of your cash transactions from the investment account to that checking account.
    THEN, you need to reconcile 1 month at a time until you find the error(s).  Trying to reconcile all at once will almost never find errors.  Go back to the beginning of that checking account, and start from there.

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    @Paul Smith2 - Did you ever have R39.17 and/or R39.21 installed? 
    And did you update from R39.17/R39.21 to R39.23?   If you did, did you revert to the last backup file you have from before R39.17 instead of simply running your R39.17/R39.21 data file?
    I'm asking because there were some people reporting that they had encountered investment account balance issues with R39.17/R39.21 that they were not able to get reconciled.  In some cases the balance issues went back years.  The recommended action was to restore the last pre-R39.17 backup file because some of the issues that could have been caused by R39.17/R39.21 were not recoverable except by doing a lot of manual restoration and editing.
    In case you are not aware, Quicken now automatically backs up our data files when we do version updates.  It also inserts the version that we updated from in the backup file name (as shaded in yellow below). 
    So if you go to where your automatic backup files are saved you will hopefully find the last pre-R39.17 backup file saved there.  The earliest date for the last pre-R39.17 back up file would be about 2/28 but it could be later than that depending on when you updated to R39.17/R39.21.  You could then restore it to see if the balance issue exists with it or not and then decide how you want to proceed.

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    Thanks for this input...  Looks like I have some work to do to find this...

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