Why are all my reconciled balances suddenly off?!?!

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My accounts download automatically, and I manually reconcile every account at the end of it's respective cycle. Suddenly, accounts that were balanced year-to-date are now suddenly off by huge amounts. The balances no longer match statements going back almost a year. It's like random reconciled transactions from months or years ago are suddenly forgotten or swapped to different accounts. This has happened before and I had to restore from a backup, but I'm hoping there is a better explanation and resolution.


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    Did you have R39.17 and/or R39.21 installed at any time?  There were reports by some that these versions caused some account balance issues.  You can read more about it in this Alert: Paycheck Wizard issue after updating to R39.17 & R39.21.  While this Alert refers to "Paycheck Wizard" issues there were also other similar non-paycheck issues occurring (such as, transfers being removed, spits being deleted, etc.) with some of those issues going back a year or more.
    R39.23 fixed whatever caused it but since issues caused by these two prior version might not be repairable the guidance was to restore the most recent pre-R39.17 backup file and use that instead.
    The earliest that R39.17 would have been installed was about 2/28 but it could have been later than that.
    Quicken now automatically makes a backup file of the prior version when it is updated.  To make it easier to identify those backup files the version being updated is added to the backup file name...see highlighted in yellow:
    Your issue might not have been related to the R39.17/R39.21 issues but if it was and if you cannot find the cause for and repair the balance issues you are seeing you might want to make sure you have R39.23 installed and then consider going to where your automatic backup files are saved.  Look for the last pre-R39.17 backup file (R38.30 or earlier) and restore that.  It's not what you (or any of us) wanted but it might be the fastest and easiest way to eliminate the issue you are seeing.

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