All I have are backup files of Quicken 2017. How to make a QIF file from the backups?

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Hi everyone. Quicken 2017 insists I go to the new cloud/subscription service after 4+ years of using Quicken as a standalone. BUT I only have backup files, and forgot to make a QIF file.

How to convert a backup file to QIF without using the new Quicken?



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    Hi @peninsulamark .  Why can you not make that QIF file with your Quicken 2017?  Even though the license has expired you can still use it manually.
    Also, it appears you have a misunderstanding of what Quicken subscription is. It is true that if you want to continue taking advantage of Quicken's online services (such as One Step Update, downloading of securities prices, etc.) you will need to subscribe.  But Quicken subscription is still a computer-based standalone product, just like your Quicken 2017 is.  If you subscribe you will still need to install Quicken on your computer and your data file will still need to be saved on your computer.  None of your financial data is saved in your Cloud Account (something which you also have with your Quicken 2017) unless you choose to use the optional add-ons for Quicken Mobile and/or Quicken on the Web.  And if you choose not to re-subscribe you can continue to use Quicken manually for as long as your system supports it...just like you can do with your Quicken 2017.  (Exception:  Once the subscription expires Starter will become read-only and there will be a banner taking up about 20% of the screen as a reminder to resubscribe and the banner cannot be removed without resubscribing.)
    The main differences are that instead of needing to wait to get the latest features until you purchase/install a new Quicken program your subscription Quicken will always be kept up to date with the latest features and that instead of needing to purchase a new licensed product every 3 years or so you will need to resubscribe when your subscription expires (usually once a year). 
    There is a Quicken product that is entirely web-based called Simplifi but that is totally different from Quicken and the two are not compatible with each other.
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    It's not clear to me if you are wanting to upgrade to current QMac Subscription (QMacS) or if you want to restore a backup to continue using QMac17.

    If you are trying to continue using QMac17, do you currently have QMac17 installed? Do you have a Quicken data file ending in .quicken2017? If not, do you have a backup file ending in .quicken2017backup? If only the latter, then open QMac17 and click menu File > Restore a Backup and point the file dialog at your QMac17 backup file. If you have a file ending in .quicken2017, then just double click it. You can continue using QMac17 indefinitely, but you will not have access to any online functionality and you will get popup windows asking you to upgrade.

    On the other hand, if you are trying to upgrade from QMac17 to QMacS, you do not need a .QIF file. Once you have purchased a subscription and installed the program, open QMacS. You should see a getting started dialog. If not, click menu File > New. Select the option to "Start From a Quicken for Mac 2015, 2016 or 2017 file." Point the file dialog at your QMac17 backup file (ending in .quicken2017backup). Current QMac will open and restore the backup file. No need for a non-backup data file or a .QIF file.
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    Thank you for your kind answers. My files are a mess. quicken.backup files in many places, so now that I'm blocked from accessing Q2017, I have no idea which file is the latest and update. When I start any backup file, it goes to a screen demanding my quicken ID and password.... without these two entries, I cannot tell which backup file is the latest.

    I'm concerned about using the Cloud. For five years as a standalone Q2017 has been fine. Manual entries, sucks information from the bank if needed, categories and totals expenses. And that's is all I want and need.

    Now my data is hostage. . . . I cannot read these files and have no idea which of the 16+ backup files are the most complete. I just want to use Q2017 the way I always have for a few hours in order to determine the best file and make a standard QIF.

    Why do I need to sign in now? Never had to before.

    What do you suggest?
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    I use Quicken2017 just once a year for tax assistance, for just for categorizing and totaling expenses. That's all. I don't want the cloud because of possible data breeches. Can I make Quicken2017 work without the cloud so I can file the proper data file and make a QIF? I'll pay to do that, but want to avoid the cloud.
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    Sorry for my third post. Didn't see where to edit. My 2012 MacBookPro on 10.95 has Quicken 2017. V4.8.6. Don't know how Quicken disabled ,y getting to my data. It shows a new backup file in the center, and asks me to sign on with a name and password to upgrade and use that file. Don't know if that file is the right or best file. Don't know why a must sign on. The backup files are 16-18 MB. if I could restore the old way I could find the complete file. Typing with Tech Support is tedious. Why to do? Sign on?
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    Have to add another post because I cannot see how to edit. The Q2017 program is on a 2012 MacBookPro running 10.95. Used to work fine. I have a latest 16" MBP with Monterey aka 12.2.1 OS. I need o proper complete Quicken file to use only for one hour once a year.
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    I'm not understanding why you're unable to use Quicken 2017. I still have a copy of that program, and it still works on my Mac. It might be helpful if you could capture a screenshot of the message you're seeing; drag the screenshot file into your reply, and that might help shed light on what's going on.
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    > @jacobs said:
    > I'm not understanding why you're unable to use Quicken 2017. I still have a copy of that program, and it still works on my Mac. It might be helpful if you could capture a screenshot of the message you're seeing; drag the screenshot file into your reply, and that might help shed light on what's going on.

    Thank you for your kind response. Turns out most of the problem was trying to open a Q Essentials data file with 2017. Silly/stupid me. But even with using 2017 and opening a valid data file, there's the appearance of conversion window which spontaneously disappears after 2 seconds. Will post the screenshot tomorrow.
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