Where is the VOID Transaction in Quicken for Mac

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30 year user of Quicken for Windows and have been on Quicken for Mac for about 5 months. VOID was an important feature (as described in quicken's own help guide they suggest using VOID (for checks) instead of deleting a transaction). I have searched and cannot find the void transaction command on the Mac version with only references to deleting the transaction. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


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    30 year user of quicken for Windows. Fairly new to mac. Where is the void transaction command. From what I read people just "delete" unwanted transactions, however on the winidows side, the documentation strongly suggests to NOT delete, but rather VOID, especially if it is a check....
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    There is no void transaction command in QMac. But it's really not necessary. Just change the payee to something like "*VOID*". (Note that you can't use "void" for some reason.) Change the amount to zero and put a note in the memo field with the original amount, the reason for voiding and any other info you want to remember. You can leave the category as is, or you can put in a new category "Void".
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    You are posting in a Windows category.

    Quicken Mac doesn't have a Void feature. But it is a trivial function, and it really doesn't even work properly in my opinion in Quicken Windows.

    All it does is put VOID at the start of the payee and changes the amount to zero.
    Unless you are voiding a ton of checks for some reason then this feature saves about 10 seconds of work at the most.

    And as I said that isn't the proper way to do it in my opinion.  It should also put in a memo for the original amount so that one knows what the original check was written for.
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    @photojon I respectfully disagree with one part of what @RickO suggested. I suggest that you do NOT change the Payee name at all. You want to have a record in your database of any payments to a payee which were subsequently void, so I'd keep the Payee unchanged. Enter the payment amount and an explanation in the Memo field (for example: "VOID $123.45 check — never cleared bank") and set the amount to zero. This way, if you see the transaction in your register, it will be clear who the voided transaction was for, and if you search for this Payee in the future, you'll see you had a payment which was later voided. 
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