Solved: "Resource fork is missing" when converting Mac Quicken 2007 to current Mac Quicken

Key missing step in the instructions (for me at least):

First, in Quicken 2007, *Save a Copy* of your current file. This creates a file with a .QDFM
extension. Import/convert that file.

This solves the "Resource fork is missing" error when importing/converting into current Quicken version. Or it did for me.

If you're moving the file to a new machine, best to first make a compressed version of the file (Control-click on the file in Finder and choose Compress from the menu). Creates a zip file containing yours. Move the zip file over, double-click to extract the qdfm file, and import/convert that. Not sure if this is necessary but copying these older Quicken data files has been a fussy problem for a couple of decades. This solves it.


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    Did you try to rebuild your index in your original file before trying the Save a Copy feature?

    The Save a Copy feature creates a new data file from your existing data file, which also creates a new index. If the index was broken in the original, both approaches result in the same effect... a newly created index.

    Compressing the file before moving it from one Mac to another addresses many issues, including file privileges issues and potentially the missing Resource Fork issue (which comes up for data files that were originally created on much older versions of Mac OS).

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