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I purchased Quicken Deluxe over a year ago. Did not buy Canadian version. It now spells check as Cheque and won't print check 21 layout. How do I get it back to print checks correctly?


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    Exactly where are you seeing "cheque"?  A graphic would be helpful.
    And, when you do HELP, About Quicken, what shows as your Q Product, BUILD and "Valid Thru" date?
    Lastly, WHY won't it print checks correctly?  What's happening?  Details please
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  • lgstressed
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    When I try to print checks it calls them cheques and won't give me the option to print the wallet size as Check 21. I did try the Validate and Repair and it works while I am signed in at that time, but the next time I sign in it is back to cheque. I did not purchase the Canadian version and it worked fine for a year or more.
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    Well, it sure looks like you have an expired subscription to Quicken Canada. You should contact Quicken Support to resolve this. We fellow users can't help you.

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  • lgstressed
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    Interesting since I have never purchased Quicken Canada. Thank you for your help.
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