USBANK HD VISA WEB CONNECT? How to add to the list of banks

How to add this card to Quicken? As there has been no way to do web connect downloads since switching from to for login. When using there will be no information for this account to see, Quicken needs to use the redirect link that is used for login,
Current Quicken choices are below, please note that these are note user added. They are embedded in software and only able to be chosen.
US Bank Internet Banking
US Bank PFM Direct Connect
Quicken Credit Card - US Bank
US Bank Visa Platinum
US Bank bus.E banking
US Bank Visa Card - GPC
US Bank Healthcare Payment Solut
US Bank College Visa
US Bank Singlepoint Essentials
Focus USBank
Bank USA, N.A.Phoenix, AZ
Park National Bank IL
US Bancorp Investments, Inc.
The user cannot request this from Quicken as I have tried.
Please also note that web connect downloads worked for a decade or more until rebranding to, now the only way to get files into quicken is manually add or export and import.
Tech support with USBank has only gone in circles as the message never reached the right individual that can resolve this. If it is their problem, and the same with Quicken so far.
Please advise if this link can be added manually into Quicken?
It is crazy that this has not worked for years and did work for a decade or more before rebranding to the new .com link


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    The character string "" is only associated with "Quicken Credit Card - US Bank".  Have you tried that?  What happened?
    There's no way for you to add it,

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    In this situation, the financial institution is responsible. If maintaining the register offline is too tedious, you may want to consider closing the account.
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